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Pax by Sara Pennypacker (click on title to preview the book)

“After being forced to give up his pet fox Pax, a young boy named Peter decides to leave home and get his best friend back”

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Featured Book

Rules by Cynthia Lord

Frustrated at life with an autistic brother, twelve-year-old Catherine longs for a normal existence but her world is further complicated by a friendship with a young paraplegic

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The Sword Thief (39 Clues #3) by Peter Lerangis (Click on title to preview this book)


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Featured Book

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren (Click on title to Preview Book)

Acclaimed scientist Hope Jahren has built three laboratories in which she’s studied trees, flowers, seeds, and soil. Her first book is a revelatory treatise on plant life—but it is also so much more.

Lab Girl
is a book about work, love, and the mountains that can be moved when those two things come together. It is told through Jahren’s stories: about her childhood in rural Minnesota with an uncompromising mother and a father who encouraged hours of play in his classroom’s labs; about how she found a sanctuary in science, and learned to perform lab work done “with both the heart and the hands”; and about the inevitable disappointments, but also the triumphs and exhilarating discoveries, of scientific work.

Yet at the core of this book is the story of a relationship Jahren forged with a brilliant, wounded man named Bill, who becomes her lab partner and best friend. Their sometimes rogue adventures in science take them from the Midwest across the United States and back again, over the Atlantic to the ever-light skies of the North Pole and to tropical Hawaii, where she and her lab currently make their home.




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Short Library website tour

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to school. We hope you had a great summer. Please take a look at the links to the right so see what resources are available to you on the library website. The SOHI LIBRARY link will give you the basics of the library itself. Always feel free to come by and ask us questions or send us an email. Have a great year!

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Featured Book- New HARRY POTTER!!!!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling (click on title to preview the book)

Harry Potter, now an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic and father of three, watches as his youngest son struggles with the family legacy. But together they must face the fact that sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

(This book is written in play format)

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Overdrive is open during the summer! And you can get free Audiobooks all summer long!!

Overdrive is offering 2 free Audiobooks every week through the summer. You’ll find a list of titles at Sync. They are free and yours forever. You can sign up for text or email alerts to remind you every week to download your free books.

Also, don’t forget that Overdrive is available all summer long for eBooks and Audiobooks. Go to Overdrive to sign in and browse titles. If you have any questions about using Overdrive check out the link on the right side of this page.

Happy Reading!




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Featured Ebook

Almost Home by Jessica Blank (Click on title to preview book)


a powerful and incisive story about seven teens who live on the streets of Los Angeles




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featured audio book

The First Part Last by Angela Johnson (click the title to preview the book)

Bobby’s carefree teenage life changes forever when he becomes a father and must care for his adored baby daughter.





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